While some of us, may not mind waking up to a plethora of cock pics, there are some so adverse to the practice that they want it banned – legally.

Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO of Bumble, has taken action, working with lobbyists and passionate state representatives her base of Texas. Their goal: to make sending unsolicited lewd photos illegal, whether you do it via text, AirDrop, or dating apps. If they succeed, sending these photos will become a Class C misdemeanour, like speeding tickets.

She writes about her own “disgusting” experiences with unsolicited nudes, also noting that 76% of women have received one.

A lot of people say, “What’s so bad about a photo? Who cares, just block it, delete it.” But they need to understand that this is a form of abuse and sexual harassment. It’s not a joke, and it’s not funny. These photos make women feel violated and degraded in places they thought were safe, like their own homes or on their commute to work.

The bill was passed unanimously and is on its way to becoming law in Texas.

Although, this comes before Herd has introduced a censorship feature to the app. Users of Instagram will be aware that photos sent from unknown followers via DM are censored to alert users of its potentially explicit content. Isn’t that enough?

The thing about receiving nudes is that it’s not viewed identically across the masses. As men, many of the gay community won’t feel the same way (violated) seeing some guy’s sad penis. Personally, I don’t mind being sent nudes; I thought a dick pic was only unsolicited if they had an ugly penis. Even then, you just send it to the group chat and all have a giggle. Similarly, I have girl mates who love getting them.

Clearly, this law doesn’t consider people who want to receive dick pics but don’t want to ask for them.

But you can understand that we wouldn’t flash people on the street, so why would we do it online?

Well, “this digital world we spend all our time in is basically a society with no rules”, adds Herd. And hey, who knows, perhaps the worry of having their meat and two veg dragged up in a public court will actually encourage men to talk.