KFC knows just what your mum wants this Mother’s Day: to stuff her face with fried chicken while perving over naked men.

Sticking true to their ‘finger-lickin’ good’ slogan, the fast-food chain’s latest promo introduces the Chickendales; which sees Colonel Sanders moonlighting as a stripper, in a Magic Mike-style production.

Earlier this month, a hotter CGI-generated Sanders posed as an influencer, but this is clearly miles better marketing.

The Chickendales are cooking up two very special things this Mother’s Day: hot meals and even hotter dance moves. Make your mom a custom video at CHICKENDALES.COM. Then head on over to KFC and let the Colonel do the cooking with our brand new Cinnabon Dessert Biscuits, available starting 4/29, FREE when you buy a 10-piece bucket meal.

Gepostet von KFC am Mittwoch, 24. April 2019

If you head to the Chickendales website, while advertising the new KFC dessert biscuits, they’ll make a personalised stripper video for your mum. And who else would your mum rather see strip than the silver fox who’s face has been on the side of bargain buckets for the last half a century?

I do think it’s funny though, how fast-food chains have branding for holidays like this. “Cheers for giving birth to me, here’s a Twister box”.