Star of spellbinding Netflix teen sci-fi The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Ross Lynch, has reacted to images of him waving his magic wand around.

Images – alleging to be the actor – began making their way around Twitter earlier this week, then after going viral, Lynch – and his brother – chimed in on the debate. Initially asking fans where they were… We wouldn’t wanna see our brothers nudes, but each to their own.

Before Ross himself got involved in the conversation:

See what all the hype is about here [NSFW] and for the 13-second video, here [NSFW]

But not one to miss a business opportunity, the actor posted a link to his new music video, claiming that was his ‘nudes’. Well, having his nudes leak at the same time as a single release would be a good way to let people know that he does music. (We didn’t know, did you?!)

Obviously Twitter reacted too:

See what all the hype is about here [NSFW]