Katie Hopkins reached lows yesterday – and we’re not talking about when she took off her bra after a hard day’s trolling.

Hateful Hopkins mocked trans people on their day of remembrance. Proving once and for all that her cancer was karmic.

Katie Hopkins criticised the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Twitter

How about instead of wearing white testicles, you wear a rope around your neck? And then on the anniversary of your death, we’ll all wear party hats?

This year 310 trans people have been murdered, and we’re struggling to see how complicity or making light of that is beneficial in any way.

This really infuriates us, as we’re sure it does most of the LGBT+ community. Where does the hate and spite come from? Her insides must be ROTTED to carry around such negativity and spit this shit unprovoked.

But who else do we have to blame for giving this spiteful dust bag a platform? Ourselves. A few borderline-offensive jokes and we’ve hailed her as a voice for the ignorant British. But thankfully, not a face too.

Like babe, God gave you epilepsy and cancer Рtake the hint.