Lubin, a city in Eastern Poland, held its first Pride parade this weekend. And while there were over 1500 people marching for equality, there were another 200 attempting to stop it.

Damn, these Poles really got nothing better to do with their day? OK, I may like dick, but at least I have a social life.

The protestors came equipped with stones and bottles to throw, (uh, that’s not what we meant when we said we like getting stoned), and lighting fires amongst the crowd.

But the police weren’t here for any intolerance and water cannoned their asses. And tear-gassed. We can’t forget tear-gassed. Honestly, take a minute just to watch the bullies turn into pussies as they flee the scene.

“We have arrested several people but I am sure that number will increase,” said a spokesperson for the police, “During the gathering we provided security for the participants despite the numerous illegal actions of their opponents.”

Two policemen were injured.

The Mayor of Lubin had originally banned the parade due to “security concerns”, but the ruling was overturned by a court appeal.