A popular adult film star who would go gay on film, has passed away at just 21.

Kyle Dean died on September 28th, although the news is only reaching the media this week. The cause of death has not been released, but according to fellow porn star and friend Damien Kyle, his death was drugs-related, and his body was discovered at his mother’s home in North Providence, Rhode Island.

He wrote on Twitter:

“No matter how hard you try to show someone there’s a better life without drugs they don’t seem to care… it’s too hard to kick the habit and for that mindset, I lost a really close friend of mine.’

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Although reports online suggest that his life wasn’t necessarily stable:

PornHub informs: “…in January 2017, he said that things were not going well. He suggested via Twitter that too many weirdos were contacting him and that he didn’t like it, so he was planning to quit and go into accounting.”

The Pink News says: “The actor was born in Austin, Texas and had been arrested multiple times on drug and burglary charges.”

SNN news details one of the burglary charges he was found guilty on.

SFGN reports that online commenters have noted Deans’ “frequent pleas for financial assistance for everything from Uber rides to Amazon wishlist gifts. His rap sheet in Florida includes possession of Xanax and marijuana and burglarizing cars.”

Although, this could be referring to alleged fake Twitter accounts in his name. This one, which often posted a link to PayPal, has asked for funeral donations on a now-deleted GoFund me page, claiming to be Deans’ roommate.