This proud father has gone OFF on the intolerance and their toxic masculinity after they came for his little son for wearing nail polish.

Aaron, has three sons, but it was his middle son Sam, that was the victim of online bullying. Aaron goes on to explain that even though Sam is a “boy’s boy”, (into sports and trucks, etc) he also likes “girls” things.

He goes on to say that Sam wore the nail polish to kindergarten, basically because he’s a kid and gives zero fucks. But the other children weren’t as open to fucking with gender norms.

When Sam got home from school, he cried “uncontrollably” because of the school bullies, and asked his parents to remove the nail polish.

“I know these kids are only in kindergarten but this toxic masculinity bullshit is LEARNED. Learned most of the time from parents. So parents, I hope you’re proud. I hope this is what you wanted. I hope you’re satisfied,” Aaron writes.

He went on, “My wife and I spent five years successfully preaching tolerance, acceptance, and the importance of expression and your kids unraveled that in one school day. He now feels the shame you desperately want to associate with being different.”

Aaron told his son that the kids were jealous and he should wear an even brighter shade tomorrow. And so, Sam has decided to keep the nails. And his brother and dad have painted theirs in solidarity too.