Big Brother announced last week that it would finally be cutting ties with production after long-running rumours. Although we’re still fans of the Celebrity version, (which is also being cut), the original went out the window when they replace normal people with fame-hungry bellends.

But hey, if it did bring us anything, it was a bit of PG nudity. This series, which we didn’t even know had started, stars a lad called Lewis G, who’s apparently getting on everyone’s nerves unless he’s showing off his semi.

Much to the pleasure of Twitter viewers:

One user wrote: “I don’t like Lewis G but seeing him with morning glory was nice!”

While another added: “Lewis G and his morning wood…I can’t take my eyes off it. Still annoying though.”

And British audiences may have been pleased with what they saw, but one woman in a bed across the room looked as if the incident had given her a cardiac arrest.

We’ve got absolutely no idea what’s going on (due to not watching the damn show), but the quality editing from the BB staff made it look like this was most certainly the case.

Same, hun.