After making it to the final of Big Brother, Tom Barber decided to use his 15 minutes to sell explicit content via an OnlyFans account. No biggie, what exhibitionist that was on TV for a couple weeks doesn’t have one these days?

The problem came when Barber was accused earlier this year of selling his frontals for £300. (That’s on top of the £11 monthly membership fee). Barber, who apparently wasn’t showing every inch of himself online at the time, has agreed to pose fully naked for a fan, but only at the hefty cost. Another fan claims he charged them £200.

He must have some pretty perfect peen to be peddling out those prices. (Spoiler: he doesn’t).

Tom’s rep said:

“Tom has received many requests to set up an OnlyFans account for quite some time now, so a third party offered to manage the account on his behalf,” the rep explained.

“Since these messages have been brought to Tom’s attention, the third party has had their access revoked.”

Anybody else smell that pungent bullshit? Only people who are super busy have a third party manage a social account: especially when it holds all your nudes. Most celebs (even the Kardashians) manage their own Instagrams.

They went on: “Tom is a cheeky character but that’s all. There’ll be no explicit content coming from him.”

Errrmm… We gonna file that last bit under ‘seriously misjudged’. See the explicit content from him, here.