All the hoes tryna break loose while it’s summer? After a string of high-profile break-ups, it seems that Sam Smith and Brandon Flynn may be next.

The pair were clocked in different cities this weekend just gone, with Flynn in NYC celebrating Pride, and Sam Smith performing in Boston. Well, even though the cities aren’t far apart, that’s certainly not much of a big deal; I’d rather be at Pride with my friends than at my man’s concert I’ve seen a thousand times.

But was it really Boston that had Sam in tears…?

But perhaps what tipped people was that Sam deleted his saved Insta-stories that featured Brandon.

A source told The Sun:

“Sam and Brandon had a real whirlwind romance. They really fell for each other. But they are both so busy with their careers and unfortunately things just haven’t worked out. Sam is obviously devastated. This is the most significant relationship he has ever had.”

Well that would explain why he deleted the pics. Sad to see the guys break-up, BUT we can probably expect a banger of a next album from Sam. Silver linings, henny.