Kerry Katona has voiced an opinion that nobody asked for this week, in her weekly column for New! magazine.

Katona defended Piers Morgan who was subjected to a ton of criticism last week when the internet launched a #FirePiers campaign following a series of controversial statements regarding gender identity among other things, declaring: “I love [Piers]!”

She went on to say that Piers was “cheeky” for identifying himself as a Penguin amidst a discussion of removing gender categories from the Brit Awards to be more inclusive.

“I’m all for sticking up for the LGBTQ community, but I’m quite a traditionalist at heart and I do think Piers just says what a lot of people are already thinking.”

Well, that’s true. Piers does speak for a number of unaccepting, intolerant and traditional gasbags.

She continued, “Take Sam Smith […] Listen, I love Sam but biologically the singer’s a male. There’s still a penis there! It’s science!”

Which would suggest that the former-singer does not support or understand how being transgender works either. Clearly she’s not as down for sticking up for the LGBTQ community as she originally stated.