Just when we thought the world couldn’t lust for Zac Efron any more than they already do, he only went and melted our hearts.

In a post to his Instagram, Zac revealed his new four-legged friend, reading: “Hey planet ?, this is MACA. #adoptdontshop,” as well as posting a series of photos of the pair smooching. We’d sleep at the foot of the bed and eat Pedigree if that’s what it takes to get up close and person with Mr. Efron.


According to Bark ‘n’ Bitches, the dog was due to be euthanised before they stepped in to save MACA, when Zac submitted a form to foster the pup, before then falling in love and adopting her.

And if that’s not tugging at your emotional heart strings, he only went and grew a beard, just to really fuck with your daddy issues.