As if celebrities having their nudes leaked on the internet wasn’t cautionary enough, ex-Corrie actor Oliver Mellor found himself in an even more unnerving situation when he was secretly filmed getting changed at the gym.

Apparently a creeper snapped shots of Mellor naked in the shower and shared them to a Whatsapp group. And while that may sound like the stuff of group chat legends, after it began popping up in gay chat rooms, the incident has been reported to the police, and a suspect pinned after checking the CCTV.

Yikes. Try explaining that one to your dad when he comes to bail you out.

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The pic apparently got back to his fiancé model and page 3-er Rhian Sugden, who alerted her husband. Who had this to say:

“I’m disgusted. It’s a total invasion of privacy. Hopefully the police make an arrest. It’s very unnerving to think that I can’t have a shower or get changed without some creep taking secret pics of me when I am naked.”

It all went down at a Pure Gym in Manchester who backed Mellor and vowed to ban the guilty member if found.

No tea, but the most shocking part of this story is that somebody recognised him enough to bother; legit never never heard of him before today. Sorry ’bout it!