Drag has become so prominent in the mainstream that the woman on the treadmill next me was watching Ru Paul’s Drag Race on her iPad. But that’s pale in comparison to what went down over NYFW.

10 year-old Desmond Napoles – known online as Desmond Is Amazing – sissied that walk for Gypsy’s runway to a chorus of ‘YAASS’ and ‘WERK!’ – and that’s what he did.

The self-professed drag kid and founder of the first drag house for kids (Haus of Amazing), wore heeled patent boots, a ruffled collar and monochrome nails; very Renaissance in mourning.

After introducing the first DragCon on the East Coast with Mama Ru herself, Desmond says he plans too attend Paris Fashion Week and hopes to one day be on the cover of Vogue.

You’re doing amazing sweetie!

You better work Cover girl Work it, girl Give a twirl Do your thing on the runway… . Repost from @thejennysauce. . . . . . . Hi! ? I’m ? Desmond ? from NYC. ? . I'm a drag kid, dragutante, dragketeer, and draganista doing what I like to call kinderdrag ?. I'm a total drag slayer ?. I am also the youngest member of the original iconic pioneering voguing ballroom house, the House of UltraOmni. . I have the best ? fans, my AMAZIES! I am sincerely grateful for your love ♥ and support. . I call my looks 'androgynously' and my style ? 'avant drag'. I'm inspired by RuPaul, the fashions of the Club Kids and Blitz Kids, the artists Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, designers John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and Commes Des Garçons, Nelson Sullivan videos, altdrag, and do-it-yourself drag ✂. I design or style my own outfits. . I'm an awarded LGBTQ advocate. Marsha P. Johnson is a huge inspiration and motivation for me. My motto is "Be Yourself, Always" ?. . I am also the founder of the first drag house for drag kids, the @hausofamazing, set to open for membership soon (tentatively March 2018). . . . ?  #altdrag #androgynously #avantdrag #boysinmakeup #clubkid #clubkids #diydrag #draganista #dragart #dragartist #dragketeer #dragkid #dragkids #dragqueer #dragslayer #dragsuperstar #dragutante #futureofdrag #genderisadrag #kidsindrag #kinderdrag #mydragisamazing #mygenderisamazing #nycdrag #preteenqueen – #desmondisamazing #beyourselfalways #amazies – #houseofultraomni #hausofamazing

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