We’re always up-to-date on the latest trends; but we’re not talking fashion, darling. In fact, the latest trend suggests millennials are less fussed about the runway, and more into runaways.

‘Dick & Dash’ is a term that originates from ‘dine and dash’, when customers would order and eat a meal, before fleeing the restaurant, (only this time they’re stuffing themselves with dick, not duck confit).

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According to Urban Dictionary, D&D is “the process of being in a relationship just for sex then dumping them in a short amount of time. (Time varies from 24 hours to only a week).” Do people really have to fake feelings to get sex? We thought that’s all anybody wanted these days anyway.

Not exactly the most pleasant of things, but it’s also nothing new; people have been luring each other into bed under the false pretense of something more serious for decades. Hundreds of decades, probably. I mean, remember when Samantha Jones met the “we” guy?

Man, if we had a dollar for every man that behaved as if we were betrothed, until he spasmed out and shot a wad onto our clean bedding, we’d be fucking millionaires. (Not that we’ve slept with quite that many people, obviously).

Although what’s funny, is that we actually coined this term, way back in 2012, (always ahead of the curve, us) referring to the times when you spend the night with someone, and leave before they wake up. This was when guys wanted to hang around for dehydrated morning sex, and hadn’t already booked your Uber.

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Our definition obviously makes much more sense, and isn’t quite as cunning. In fact, it’s actually doing them a favour if you’re not pretty first thing in the morning. Unlike Beyoncé, most of us don’t wake up like this.

In the original post, (you can see how much one’s writing has evolved since), I found myself scurrying out of a one-night stands apartment snatching a 20 en route. Now, that’s how you really do a ‘dick & dash’, bitch.

When answering our poll, consider D&D in our 2012 terms, not this basic 2018 nonsense: