Trends come and go, but oral sex is here to stay. Albeit this season it’s back, and bigger than ever.

There are actually a number of gay men, who do not identify with either ‘top’, ‘bottom’ or ‘versatile’ labels, but rather the ‘side’ stamp. Which means that a person engages in most sexual activity, but not anal sex. Isn’t that like going to the cinema, watching the trailers and then leaving? No judgement, but there’s not way I’m going to KFC and leaving with a pot of coleslaw.

But, even gay men who enjoy penetration, are trading it in for the ‘side’ saddle. Well, temporarily, at least.

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“Felati-hoes” is a label that reprsents someone at a point in their life (or weekend), when they’re likely to be promiscuous; boys holidays, post-LTR, gay cruises, and dark rooms, but choose to restrict themselves only to oral activity.

Being a felatihoe (as opposed to a regular anal hoe), has a number of benefits, aside from the obvious, not having to squat over a bathtub with the shower hose up your rectum for a guy that’ll never call again. Yes, douching for douchbags is so a thing of the past.

Following that, the concept aims to (partially) eliminate slag shame. And we’re not referring to one being shamed by another for one’s sex life, but rather the shame you experience when you walk into a club and see eight guys who’s thighs you’ve left skidmarks on.

Hmm… But is bumping into eight lads that’ve jizzed in your hair much better? Umm, sure! If it’s not in the colon, it doesn’t count – right?

Not to mention on a scene that is prone to gossip, it helps to avoid a ratchet rep.

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Periods of felatihoeism are also said reduce the desensitization of intimacy; which in theory suggests that the more anal sex we have, the less intimate of an act we see it – and so having that powerful sexual connection becomes harder to find.

And I guess it seems less of a big deal, if you get sucked off by a weirdo than if you fuck one.

Will you be opting for an emotional chastity belt?