Death Becomes Her turns 25 this year. (Yes, we know, we fucking old too). So in homage to one of our favourite films, we’re compiling a few listicles that prove why this film was so iconic. And starting with the FASHUN. OMG, the FASHHHUN!! I mean, every single outfit, in every single scene was just BEYOND.

Check them out, we’re obsessed:

Goldie Hawn came to slay (literally) in this dress:

These melodramatic ball gowns:

Gun-toting glamazon realness:

This subtle two piece:

Poolside housewife glam:

The subtle irony of this Nike tee was genius:

This youth-enhancing low-cut one piece:

Isabella Rossilini is one of the few women who could pull this off:

This super sleek ensemble:

This casual backstage attire:

And finally this drag queen stage eleganza:

That had a pull-away skirt to Ru-veal another look: