OMG. As if the rumours about Brandon Flynn hooking up with his co-star Miles Heizer weren’t enough to get tongues wagging, it seems like he’s doing it all on his own – and down Sam Smith’s throat. The 13 Reasons Why actor recently spoke about being part of the LGBT+ community, in a post encouraging voters in Australia to vote YES in the recent gay marriage referendum.

And shortly after, it seems he’s already been snapped up. Although we suspect the two were already liasing before Flynn’s post. The 25 year-old Grammy winner and the 23 year-old actor were seen sharing a kiss in NYC.

Smith who has had a few short-term relationships in past few years, is known for his record-breaking break-up songs… So at worst way, even if they don’t survive the long-haul, Sam will probably snatch dozens more awards, and Brandon will have a heartbreak anthem inspired by him.

An unexpected – but totes rather cute – pairing! Are they the next big gay couple since Tom and Dustin?

Shall we call them SAMDON? Or BRANSAM?