Speculation surrounding a romance between ’13 Reasons Why’ actors Miles Heizer and Brandon Flynn have been getting tossed around for a while now. The pair had shared a number of cute snaps on Instagram, which had the internet marrying them before it had even been confirmed. They would make an adorable couple, and having seen them as school kids, we always ship young love.






It was later then denied by a rep for Heizer, calling it a “false report”. Adding, “Miles and Brandon are friends from the show but are not dating.”

But like two straight girls, baiting up the attention of horny mysoginistic assholes, the pair locked lips in a short feature, Home Movies. The short, directed by Kevin Rios, was screened at the Outfest Fusion Film Festival, and depicts the two lovers. The video is now going viral… We can’t imagine why:

[H/t: Homorazzi]