It’s a surprisingly huge number of us that have been quizzed on the technicalities of gay sex, and more specifically, ‘who’s the man, and who’s the woman’. But one funny Reddit thread has turned the tales to ask the long-awaited question: “How does straight sex work? I mean, who’s the guy and who’s the other guy?”

Naturally the forum-based site had a plethora of answers for the enquiring minds, reports Queerty. One commenter replied:

“the woman sticks her boobs inside of his butt i think”. 

To which another replied: “Instructions unclear. Boobs wrapped around ankles. Send help.” 

A common theme was condemning heterosexual people in the same way that homophobic people view the gay lifestyle:

“But women don’t even have a g-spot in their ass like men do. It’s a perversion of nature, and they’re influencing children to be straight like them. ThInK oF THe ChILdREn!!”

Oh yes, we must think of children! Which while we’re on the topic, this guy highlights some interesting points:

“Do you know how many straight people put kids they make up for adoption? Nearly 100% of all kids for adoption are from straight couples. Worse yet, it’s a similar figure for abortions. Yet the right wingers hate gays? Makes you think…”

While others highlighted it’s similarities (almost) to gay sex:

It’s basically the same as gay sex but with even more poppers and regret

And this joke, which is half-funny, and half-painfully truthful:

The guy spends a lot of time and, usually, money proving his interest in the girl.

Because why would a gay man woo or date another gay man in the pursuit of sex when all he has to do is open an app?

Still, you can always trust Reddit for a laugh.