Just when we thought we could safely listen to tales of the Orlando Massacre at Pulse nightclub last year, without tearing up – the queens of Ru Paul’s Drag Race prove us wrong. While providing entertainment, Drag Race is known for showing a softer side to the queens when they share stories of their personal journeys and struggles in the work room.

On Friday’s episode Cynthia Lee Fontain and Trinity Taylor opened up…

Trinity says: “I actually wasn’t in Orlando at that very moment but I am a former Miss Pulse,” and goes on to say she entertained at the club on the same night a week before, “So it is scary to think that literally could have been me.”

While a friend of Cynthia Lee Fontain’s was killed in the incident, as he went to watch her show, unknowing that she had to reschedule. Reflecting on the horrific attack, Cynthia sounds off: “We never expect that a tragedy like this happens in our community, happen in our clubs because we thought we had finally created a safe space for our community.”

Even just hearing about the night again brings a flood of emotion. TISSUES.

[H/t: Pink News]