Former member of McFly Harry Judd has moved on to new pastures, and is now bringing out a book about his fitness. But this isn’t your ordinary ‘meal plan and workout regime’ book, but rather part fitness advice and part memoir. Judd will talk about suffering from anxiety for the first time, and how he overcame his demons through physical activity. So not only is Harry offering a chance to ogle his buff bod – and a chance to get your own in check – he’s also proposing a potential solution to something far more important.

He says: “I’ve used exercise to overcome the strains and stresses of some of the most difficult moments in my life.”

“These are issues that I know many of us have, and I’m so excited to show everyone how it’s possible to use exercise in a way that is fun, fast and free to get your head in the right place, to feel good about life and to feel great about yourself.”

It’ll certainly be an interesting approach to mental health, and we take our pants hats off to Harry for being part of the discussion. Anxiety is becoming a more talked about problem, and the amount of people that suffer from it is far higher than you’d expect – so hopefully Harry will be able to tap into something that resonates with people.

Doctors have always recommended a healthy body for a healthy mind, but sometimes just hearing someone else’s story and their approach is what you need for inspiration. AND you get to watch him work out shirtless…