We hope y’all got some defribulators nearby, as this male nurse has been getting pulses racing by sharing snaps of him out of his scrubs. Jake Grez, 25, is the latest man in uniform to go viral thanks to his charming looks. The blond cutie has amassed over 30,000 Instagram followers with his handsome holiday pics – and we don’t even wanna guess how many women called in sick today¬†with a severe case of swollen clit. But he’s not just good looks, Grez also shared a heartwarming story about how he got into the profession.

Jake was inspired to become a nurse after his mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2005 and had to undergo various rounds of treatment. He says: ‘Throughout this time it was her nurses who really maintained her independence, spirituality and well-being.

‘They stuck by her side and inspired me to go into nursing.’

‘When my mum passed away I dedicated several posts to her and the outpour and support from people all over the world really meant a lot to me. It’s crazy how one silly app can connect you to so many people who have experienced or are experiencing the same thing you are.’

We’re sure there were plenty offering him¬†more than just a shoulder to cry on.