In a recent interview Li-Lo expressed that she “would love to” have a career again do a Mean Girls 2. But it seems the bitches at the top (Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels) aren’t anywhere to be seen. Gosh, you’d think they’d jump at the chance to work with the originals leading lady again, especially since the only lines she can remember these days come in a wrap. Not to mention that endearing Greek/British accent she has now.

We love Lindsay and Mean Girls as much the next queen, but how would this work when she looks 10 years older than Regina, Gretchen and Karen? Perhaps they could be living in the same neighbourhood raising their own little brats (remember Mean Moms that was teased as a spin-off?), and Lindsay could be ‘the cool mum’.

“Do you want some cocaine? ‘Cause I’d rather you did it in the house.”

Lohan insisted she would “keep pushing it” until a sequel was in action, and that she’s already written a treatment for the script. Girl, needs to put a treatment through her hair before she starts putting pen to paper. Though fair play to the cookie for keeping it real: “I JUST NEED A RESPONSE!”