Naked Attraction - Channel 4

We’re constantly coming up with new ways to date, meet our potential soul mate, and of course rake in some dollar. So when there’s so many dating apps/shows/approaches out there – how do you stand out? Well, you get the single bastards naked, don’t ya? After all, sex sells. And Channel’s 4 Naked Attraction is not filled with empty promises, showing an array of penises (peni?) within the first minute.

Yup, forget all of that ‘wait to sleep with someone’ advice, Naked Attraction is getting it all out there from the get-go, warts and all (we hope not). Six hopefuls with get their giblets out on national TV, in a bid to ‘find love’. Y’all gotta be pretty brave to dive in head first like that, *giggle*. Yes, we’re talking to you with the purple backlight… Are you sure you’re not on the wrong show? Tattoo Fixers is in the next studio. And you know if that dick don’t look like an elephants trunk it’s nothing but an anti-climax.

BUT, Channel 4 claims it has nothing to do with pushing boundaries attracting home-bodied horndogs, but rather science… “In an increasingly complicated dating world, some evolutionary psychologists and sexual scientists believe that our bodies alone may still project the best information for us to select a successful partner.” HMM, yeah ‘some’ scientists also believe that prescription painkillers should only be given to people with injuries, but how fun are Tuesdays without a little valium?

There’s even bisexual contestants who will pick from men and women. The show hasn’t aired yet, so we can’t knock it’s entertainment value just yet… But it’s approach to dating. Really, girl? OBVS, we’ll be watching it though. Despite it reportedly being filled with cringey dialogue and genital facts (whos’ ready for a trip back to Sex-Ed?), we wonder whether this ball-sy approach any weight at all – but we’re not banking on it.

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