Every Britney stan knows that she’s been killing the game lately. She’s finally come down off all the Ketamine she took with Paris in 2007, and is nailing her dance moves. She’s worked hard and got that taut stomach back. She’s looking fresh-faced and happy. Now, Godney graces the cover of epic alt fash rag V magazine, looking hotter than ever.


Like, has she had her lips done? Botox?! We’re not entirely sure, but whatever is it – she’s looking smoking. If not a little┬áplastic fantastic… Just how we like our divas! The pics are shot by renowned photographer Mario Testino for the 100th issue, and we can’t wait to see the full spread!

Talking on her upcoming album, she claims it’s “the best thing [I’ve] done in a long time”. And says that social media “isn’t her thing”. Well, she never was a selfie slut to be fair. When asked about surviving the media circus that zoned in on her during her mental breakdown, she humbly notes that it’s just how the world works, and “really doesn’t care what most people think of [me].”

Good for you, Britney! It takes a strong person to come out the other side of something like that; let alone looking this amazing!