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There’s an old spinster’s logic that asks, “can we ever really have it all?” And by “all”, it of course means the man, the apartment and the job. Well, most of my friends seem to have all three right now…


Minus myself, obviously. When I considered how they’re managing to balance great careers and eligible men, I realised that most of them only see their boyfriends on weekends. Whether they live out of the city, or are following busy career pursuits themselves; sufficient time apart seemed to be the successful common denominator; long enough apart to miss them, but not so long they get bored. Short enough time together that they don’t get sick of them, but not so short that they’re just fuck buddies. Was it the perfect solution to the inevitably career-focused modern man?

Nowadays so many of us have ambition bigger than our own self-delusion – and the “I’m too busy” excuse is becoming more and more common as a get out clause for going through life alone. But should we really only have to be able to chose one or the other? People have this perception that boyfriends are all-time-consuming, but maybe we just need to change the way we view them; adapt our ideals to fit in with our hectic schedule.

Sure, we want the husband, and the dog and the adopted kids, but we don’t want it right now. So why not employ a part-time boyfriend? No distractions in the week, minus the odd sext here and there, and then Friday to Sunday you stock up on affection, intimacy and drunk sex until the following week. Nobody goes out these days anymore, right?