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If any of you caught First Dates last week (or maybe it was the week before), you’ll have seen Daniel May who went on a date with Paulo. Daniel posed some reasonably strong views on the fact that Paulo liked to wear heels, in fact he even went as far as saying that men who wear heels make him feel embarrassed to be gay.

GuysLikeU followed up with Daniel, to ask him a few questions, where he continued to exert absolutely zero media training. When asked what type of guys he usually goes for, he claimed “anything with a pulse and a hole”, desperate for the world to know that he’s not solely a bottom. Before throwing in some weird metaphors about having his “hair pulled and face spat on romantically” when referring to going after bad boys. So he’s looking for an abusive bottom? Sounds logical.  “I like a man who can kick and punch me in the bedroom” he goes on, and although we wouldn’t protest to him getting smacked around, we wonder if it’s because he hoping for the gay to be beaten out of him. “I like a man to be a man”, says Daniel sitting in one of Cilla Black’s blazers.

He goes on to say that “men wearing heels, straight or gay, isn’t really normal.” Hun, neither is your sequined jacket, but that doesn’t mean you make us ashamed to be gay. Because we know and understand the fight that other gay men have gone through – whether they wear heels or not – and the last thing they need is their homosexual brothers casting an intolerance towards them.
“Men just shouldn’t do it”, he states. Unless it’s Halloween, apparently. When he admits to sometimes wearing heels too. So just to clarify, cross-dressing is OK if it’s a joke, but not if it makes you feel better about yourself. And certain aspects of womenswear are also acceptable (ie, sparkly jackets), but heels are not. Right.

He also took the time in his interview to slag off Paulo’s shirt; “I mean, does anyone even wear them anymore?” I don’t know girl, you clearly model fashion on Dame Edna Everedge so maybe you should ask her.

Daniel then stresses how it “REALLY” pisses him off that “we should accept and find everyone who is gay attractive”. No, babe.

It’s not about fancying every gay person. Nobody has a problem with you not being attracted to him or his heels, everybody has their own type. But it is about accepting them.

Not being attracted to someone, and being embarrassed by them are totally different things. And saying that a man who wears heels makes you embarrassed to be gay, only demonstrates that you still have issues with your own sexuality. Why do people who are different and stand out from the crowd “embarrass” you? Does this mean that you can’t have friends who are drag queens? Because they are gay men who wear heels, too. Or is it just men who dress androgynously that make you squirm? If so, we’ll assume you got ready without a mirror.

I may not be attracted to how someone dresses, but it would never embarrass me to be gay.

Sounds like a big old mess if you ask us. If you’d have simply said that a man wearing heels doesn’t do it for you, there probably wouldn’t have been much backlash at all. But the fact that you excerpted just a disposition for a man being himself, means the only thing you should be embarrassed of here, is your own ignorant views.