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Sex therapists are stating that if putting things up your bum hadn’t been dubbed a gay past time that lots more straight men would be at it, the Gay Star News reports. A recent study has unveiled that more straight men than you’d think are using dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, beads and probably any other household item that is phallically shaped to get themselves off.

Allison Krisbaum surveyed hundreds of men about their masturbation habits (past, included), finding that 24% (gay and straight) had inserted something up their poop chute during a randy five knuckle shuffle. 66.4% had “rubbed their genitals on a surface”… Can we have questions about this one please? As in like a pillow? Or like, their dining table? As I’m never going to a dinner party ever again, if so.

Kian De La Cour – a certified sexologist bodyworker (whatever the fuck that is) – claims that so many men know their G-spot is in their arse, so are giving it a try, something that is less daunting to do on your own than with another person… Right, Kanye? Apparently sexual fluidity dates back to the 50s, but men just be lying about it. Totes possible.

Kian goes on to reiterate what plenty of these studies are suggesting, and that is that sexuality is not a unified entity, but rather that it is something much more complex with a number of different levels. The study proves why most “straight” guys are the quickest ones to spread their cheeks when they do get with a guy.