OH girl, the hard part (ahem) is over! Now it’s time for some fun… And it seems that’s exactly what Keegan Hirst plans on doing now that he’s come out to his estranged wife and the world of rugby. Do you know what? Good for you! You don’t think the second my family new I was gay I wasn’t frolicking around the gay scene in whatever skin-baring outfit I’d sloppily put together thinking I was some Victoria Secret Angel. It’s called liberation!

He’s already attracted worldwide interest, and now he wants to get some cock without worrying that some skeeze journalist is gonna out him. And this photo confirms that he’ll have no problems handling balls. Guess we’ll see him in Attitude’s annual naked issue next year, right? We hope so!

We wish Keegan the best of luck, and hope he’s happier now. We certainly are that he’s losing clothes.