Some things are just too cute for words, like new-born puppies having their first bath, and that facial expression your man makes after he farts when you pull out. But few things are cuter than this little dude schooling you on how to turn a pair of shorts into a sexy dress. Like, firstly how did he even think of this? It’s looks better than some of the dresses we’ve worn out in drag. And the way he shuffles the hem down because he knows the ‘no knickers on show’ rule.

But we all know that the real win, is that “BA-BAM!”

OH, but it doesn’t stop there… He had EVERYBODY up in the comments feed trying it out… OBVS. As this viewer, Justin¬†writes: “It’s just something you have to try, whether you admit it or not”








Have you given it a go yet Cock Flock?