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Basically, the better you know somebody’s body, the better sex you’re gonna have. Obviously we’re not suggesting you start linking up with the same gremlins off Grindr on a regular basis just to intensify your orgasms. But if you have a fuck buddy, friend with benefits, or – God forbid – a boyfriend then these tips may cum in hand… (pun intended).

Take/Give Directions

Having to draw someone a map to your G-spot is not enjoyable for anyone, but if you want him to find it, occasionally you have to. Like, when a man just thinks the harder the better, no boo, get your fucking claw outta there, this ain’t no hand puppetry.

Don’t take it offensively if he guides you, let him. Everybody’s tastes are different, and you should encourage him to show you what he likes. Similarly, if you’re vocal with him, he’s more likely to respond. Don’t be afraid to say; faster, slower, harder or softer.

Find Out His Turn-Ons

…And we don’t just mean a generalised ‘top or bttm?’ or ‘wot u into m8?’ We’re talking about the specifics that really float your partner’s boat. Fair enough, if one of you is into 50 Shades of Spanking and the other can’t even say that without blushing, but we’re both men with the same body parts – and even when it comes to vanilla sex, there’s still huge variations of what men like.

Having had previous sexual partners, you may have a few tricks up your trouser leg; little things you know guys tend to enjoy. Well, when you’re in bed with a new guy feel free to try those out, but before diving in to full-on ‘I’mma make this dick mine’ mode, pay attention to how his body responds. He might not be a massive moaner, so listen out for those subtle gasps and muscle clenches that shows he’s enjoying what you’re doing. He might be more/less sensitive than the last guy, so adjust your technique and experiment to find out what his erogenous zones are, and how he likes them played with (orally, digitally, rough, gentle).

Hit Two Hot-Spots At The Same Time

Following on from above… Most people’s hot-spots (and how much they like them) will vary. For example, you might meet one guy who’s really into being fingered as well as really into neck kissing. Try doing both of these things at the same time and watch his head explode. You might meet another guy that loves having his balls licked, as well as loves nipple play. Again, doing both of these things at the same time, could mean you’re on to a winner.

Enjoy it

If you watch a man’s reaction during nookie time, you’ll see that he frequently gets a kick out of you enjoying it; most men don’t get pleasure from seeing you recoil or squirm (although don’t get it twisted, there’s plenty that do too).

But basically, when he sees you enjoying whatever it is he’s doing, it makes him feel like a gangster. That doesn’t mean you should be faking it to make your man feel like Billy Big Bollocks. But rather, relax. Slow down. This ain’t Ru Paul’s Shag Race, so why you speeding towards that orgasm like it might outrun you?

Let yourself get lost in the moment, focus on your bodies touching and how good it feels. (Fuck, I sound like that Tracey woman who writes that all that clinical sex advice BS for every women’s rag… but hey).  And all the more reason to give him directions – if needed…

Master The Stroke

If you’re not circumcised, you should be familiar with the fact that when it comes to being wanked off, guys like it so differently. One guy, loves long slow strokes, while the next feels better with short, fast strokes towards the tip. Cocks come in all shapes and sizes, which is why wanking someone off to climax can be quite tricky. Guide their hand (or explain) to them how you like it and ask them to do the same. (Or if you’re too shy to speak, watch what they do with their own hands for a better idea).

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