Justin Bieber has posted a video to his Instagram where he is seen fooling around on a Private Jet, before giving his bodyguard a little peck on the cheek. And though the video doesn’t look remotely sexual, the troubled brat was still quick to defend his sexuality – insisting he’s “not gay”. The caption that accompanied the video reads, ‘I’m not gay but even if I was that’s not an insult,’. *Slow claps*

Pose for CK, make an appearance on Ellen and post one sappy message to your IG and you think you’ve won the gays? Honey, we’re loyal, but we’re not forgetting the asshole you’ve been that quickly. You’d think the gays would be drawn to a big douche. What this video proves – is jack shit. Other than the fact, that perhaps he is overcoming the dick he was for so long. And we guess, a message that’s beyond after-school special is better than spitting on fans.

Guaranteed, this is not the last bid of the Biebs to make a snatch for the pink pound. He’ll be doing the crotch grab and performing at G-A-Y before you know it… Move over Nick Jonas…