Marriage Equality in Ireland is a big deal. A much bigger deal than perhaps you first realised – especially if you don’t live in Ireland. And it’s not just a big deal for them. Ireland will be the first city in the entire world to actually vote on whether gay marriage is legal. Something that if the yes vote dominates could be, “the watershed moment the global movement for marriage equality has been waiting for.” as The Guardian puts it. It will demonstrate that if a country, that is perceived to have skewed/unaccepting attitudes can triumph in a Marriage Equality referendum, then perhaps many other places can do too.

So there you have it. Ireland also has this reputation of being an intolerable nation, when, to be quite honest, the weekends I’ve spent there I’ve been welcomed with open arms (and open legs if I turn on Grindr). Clearly, I’m talking about when I go to visit the majority of gay Dublin. But my point is that, the Irish may not be as advanced, as say Londoners, but they’re generally not cruel people – so for two people not to be officially recognised as in love because they’re of the same sex doesn’t really add up for me.

Pro-Marriage Equality mural in Dublin

Pro-Marriage Equality mural in Dublin

It seems to be that cities that are less built up – in England, America, and most certainly Ireland – haven’t quite caught on to the fact that this is 2015. I’m sure you could sit down two middle-aged white men, one from Texas and one from Sligo and their opinions be fairly similar. I guess it’s just a good thing that our cities in England, and the more developed states of America have larger voices than those that still believe in punishing sodomy. So how can you help ensure that Ireland isn’t dragged down by small-minded people that have quite possibly never met a gay person before?

Don’t sit back and let something so obscurely old-fashioned wash over your country, among others. When it comes to voting, too many people have it strummed into their lazy minds that their vote won’t make a difference. This isn’t because there’s any truth to it, but rather because people can’t be bothered to get of their arse and vote for something that they’re not ridiculously passionate about. But, the referendum re Marriage Equality in Ireland isn’t the same as voting for a political party; you don’t have to be gay, and you don’t even have to have gay friends – in fact, whether gay people have the right to marry might not make a blind bit of difference to you… right now at least. But, what about when your grandson or granddaughter decides they want to spend the rest of their lives with somebody of the same sex, and your decision to sit on the sofa rather than opt for marriage equality reflects their right to happiness and freedom.

Along with that, marriage equality is a debate that – especially in Ireland – could go either way (despite polls indicating that the ‘yes’ vote will prevail, many are yet to register to vote), so every single vote counts. And gay people especially, shouldn’t miss voting on this for the world.

Beyond that, aren’t you sick of people ripping the shit out of you for being backwards, just because you’re Irish? This is a step in the right direction. I mean, we still gotta talk about y’all’s style, but we come back to that. And anyway, if gays weren’t as afraid to walk the streets, I’m sure a few queens would flourish in the fashion stakes.

So far support has taken form in passionate comments from Colin Farrell, a big gay mural in Dublin and this ‘Vote Yes’ ad:

Voting takes place on May 22nd, you know, that day you WON’T be sitting on the sofa.