Let’s be honest, you can be the ultimate gym bunny, but without a personal trainer – or having had a trainer in the past – there is only so much you can achieve. There’s a reason why the rich and famous use personal trainers; they enable them to achieve their desired results quicker and more effectively than simple gym training.

Fitness is the personal trainer’s craft. The same way the writer knows “show, don’t tell”, the trainer knows exactly which exercises will effectively bring out the muscles you want. Personal trainers can be costly, which is perhaps why you don’t have one already. Maybe, like me, you struggle to fit them in around work, but the truth is when it comes to training, it’s not an “all or nothing” kind of deal. Any workout is better than no workout, and similarly, one personal training session a week, is better than none at all.

So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing; one personal training session a week on top of some home workouts and a balanced diet. And of course I’m putting in the work when I’m not with him – lots of cardio and body weight circuits – but you need a trainer to target those muscles that get left out in regular workouts.

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I’d started to reach a plateau with my training, and thought that if I could make time to see a personal trainer around work it take my body up a notch.



The image shows a month’s progress working out with London trainer Thomas Wade; a friendly PT based around the Covent Garden area. As I only see him once a week, we focus on my problem areas, which is my upper body; traps (shoulders), arms, chest, lats and core – on rotation. So on the weeks I work my chest with Tom, I make sure I get a full arms/shoulders workout in later in the week.

You always feel like you’ve pushed yourself the extra mile when the session finishes – which is how you know you deserve that 15-minute steam afterwards.

Changing your body doesn’t have to mean an entire life overhaul, as sometimes that’s too unrealistic to keep up with. But small steps get you going in the right direction.

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