By Anthony Gilet


Five time Brit Nominee, Sam Smith is currently touring in the US, and amidst all the chaos and stress, he received this lovely message from his father. Sam posted the image on his Facebook page with the accompanying comment.


My dad just sent a book to my dressing room at Madison square with a book stop at this page. I was told to read this page and only this page. After crying like a baby, it made me think; after years of struggling and wanting to be everyone but myself, it was the day I decided to be me that things started to work. I am performing tonight at Madison square garden in front of thousands of people and I haven’t had to sacrifice the way I want to dress, the way I want to sing, the way my stage looks, my sad days, my happy days, my weight, my crooked teeth or my hairy chest. I am performing tonight as myself. And tonight is my chance to thank you all for accepting me as just that. I love you all xx×

A lot of parents can learn something from this touching statement of acceptance. And in turn, it can teach us how to behave towards others, and our children. It doesn’t matter whether that child is gay, straight, lesbian or bisexual – it’s important that they know just how beautiful they are in themselves. Damn, where are all these human emotions coming from?


I need some horse tranquillizers to subside this shit.