By Anthony Giléti-am-michael-zachary-quinto-james-franco1-600x400

I Am Michael is the upcoming biopic that has the film industry and critics abuzz. Set to premier at the end of the month at the Sundance film festival, the picture is based on the true story of a gay activist whom rejects his sexuality and becomes a Christian pastor. Gosh, what a snooze! (Michael, not the film). Trading in being a homosexual for priesthood? It would be like Rihanna swapping lives with Azaelia Banks.

As if that storyline wasn’t attention-grabbing enough, viewers will be treated to scenes of James Franco (Michael) and Zachary Quinto in a lip-lock. Bet James Franco had to really exhaust his acting skills for that one, playing a gay character must be such a stretch. But then they reel in Desperate Housewives hottie Charlie Carver for a threesome. Hot stuff. If we could swap Franco for Theo James, that would be proper wank bank material.