Throughout life there are always certain guys that have a little bit of your heart (or in many cases, your crotch). They’re kinda like that ‘one drink’ you go out for on a Wednesday night; you know you shouldn’t, but you just can’t help yourself. Cut to Thursday afternoon and you’re lying in a puddle of regret. Girl, talk about sleeping in the wet patch. 

The guy in question may not be drop dead gorgeous, he may not be the best conversationalist and he may not even live in the same city, but for one reason or another they possess the ability to turn you into a clammy-palmed, school girl-giggling, hair-tossing L plate. And there’s no doubt that when you bump into them on Soho Square sporting a post-gym sweat that it will result in this:


So back to guy; it could be someone you had amazing sex with however many years ago (and still wank over it now), or it could be the guy who got a boyfriend before you had your chance to tell him how you feel. It may even be your ex that you messed things up with, but you’ve always known they have a little piece of you. So, what do you do when that guy uploads a photo ice skating with his new boyfriend? Or when – after all that you’ve been through – he doesn’t come through in a time of need?

Sure, you could hit the bottle. But why would you let him hurt you any more than he already has? I personally prefer this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 11.37.53

Something can’t bother you, unless you let it. Channelling negative energy into exercise not only allows you a healthy way to vent but you also give it your all. When he removes you as a friend just because he’s getting on with someone new, don’t go loco all over his inbox. Yes, the way he’s behaving is immature but that’s just another reason why you’re not together.

Instead just put that anger and your stretchy gym shorts into your manbag and hit the free weights. After all, as the wise theorist Khloe Kardashian once stated:


Revenge bodies are popular among “celebrities” such as Lucy Mecklenburgh and Sam Faires to, not only show the guy what he’s missing, but also to give yourself the push to move on – because you better than him. *Hairflip*

Hence why his life continues to plod along with his boring new boyfriend and the hotter you get, the more miserable he gets. It’s the laws of relationship karma.
And when you’re slow motion running down Bora Bora beach with your hot new body and crowd of admirers, you’ll think of him… and laugh.

WORDS BY: Anthony Gilét

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