Everybody needs a fabulous piece of luggage. It’s trends up your gym visits, so that even when bowling around in your trackies you don’t feel entirely like council chav. It adds extra glamour to your weekends away and means you carry around a mini life support when you go to events.

Smart looks are big this season, so it’s only natural that leather totes bags with multi-purposes are the ultimate accessory right now. As much as the little touches make an outfit, nothing says statement piece like a bag, and these ones do it without the statement being ‘my manbag confirms your suspicions that I’m gay’. They’re also great teamed with this season’s military and inspector looks.

Foxhall London (Covent Garden) sell a gorgeous leather tote that goes with almost everything and can be used at work events and liquid lunches alike.


(T-B) Morland Brown Tote Bag £198 – Foxhall London (as seen at top), Black Melton Contrast Holdall £45 – River Island, D Squared Grained Duffle – £1, 450.

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