The title of this post may sound like the announcement of terrorist attack but there aren’t any crimes (against fashion) going on here. Bomber jackets are making a big comeback this A/W, hitting stores fast and in a variety of styles that’ll keep you warm but also aren’t too heavy. There’s nothing worse than leaving your house all cosy and then by the time you get on the rush-hour tube you’re sweating like a pregnant nun. They’re also lightweight enough for you to run – well, sashay – for the (Grindr) meeting you’re running late for…


(L-R): ASOS Wool Bomber with Check – £55, Blood Brother Bomber from Selfridges – £425, Shore Leave Quilted Wool Black Bomber – Urban Outfitters £120.

We j’adore the seperate styled sleeving ones – very US football (another of this year’s trends).

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