Good Morning! Calling all the miserable bitches! This is your Monday Wake-up Call! If you’re eyelids are dreary, these pics of Australian actor Tim Pocock will have those eye balls bulging from their sockets. Now some of you won’t have heard of Tim Pocock before, but those of you that watch NBC’s ‘Camp’ will recognise him (and his prominent abs) as Robbie Matthews.


The show is nowhere near as scandalous and salatious as it could be, but I guess they were going for a different type of audience. But the plot still brushes on sex, sexuality, drugs and rebellion. And the fact that we see Robbie enter a tent with after being beckoned in by a near naked couple (man and woman) after dropping shrooms, and awakening with looking more than pleased with what he experienced would totally suggest he’s less “straight” than first appeared. Yaay!


What I wouldn’t give to be that toast, getting drizzled in Maple Syrup.