Honestly, when the adverts for this film first surfaced, I wasn’t totally enamoured to see it. Although the idea of two cranks falling in love did have its appeal. It was only when I read the glowing reviews (I’m a big believer in reviews – most film critics know a good film when they see one. Unlike cinema-amateurs that think Mr & Mrs Smith is substantial viewing) that I decided to dedicate an evening to watching it. And love stories are fucking MAJOR on a comedown, they make you cry and want a man, but they also make you see the quality of character construction and narrative craft.

OK, enough with the technicalities – I”mma tell y’all why this film is banging. Firstly, Bradley Cooper is undeniably sexy. Why he has never had a shaved head before is beyond me. Secondly, Jennifer Lawrence portrays that crazy girl that we all have inside (and try to hide under a facade of normality) relatable and proudly. Honestly, the film is slightly long at two hours, but is arguably necessary for the character build-up. Only do we feel the way we do at the end because of the journey we’ve been taken on throughout.

Pat has just got out of the looney bin and is desperate to win back his wife (even after she fucked a ratchet old grandpa), when he meets Tiffany who soon offers to help him. I’m NOT ABOUT SPOILERS, so I ain’t going into further details. But IĀ almostĀ made it until the end without crying. Highly Recommended. Especially, if you have a slight nutty side.

Rating: 4/5