Our usual featurette of Man Candy has been altered this week, as Tom Daley still is quite there yet. AS IF his latest approach at getting more followers on Keek (whatever the fuck that is), is stripping off. What’s ironic is that the sign he’s using the cover himself is actually bigger than the trunks he wears while diving. All I can say is, that using your naked body to promote yourself, is not only tacky – it’s also cheap.

Oh, by the way, have you seen my latest promo?
Anything she can do, I can do… with less clothes. *Snap.

Now, that’s how you grab someone’s attention…

What I’m using to cover my modesty, is one of thousands of promo stickers. So Daley, if you gon’ do it – do it properly. The only thing shocking about his photo is that you can’t see his usually prominent snail trail.

You may recognise these from around London… More coming SOON!