We love it when a movie director puts a lot of himself into his work, and Lee Roy Kunz (Pretty Little Liarsputs all his inches into his horror flick Deliver Us. This gorgeous Denver-born babe is giving us Aaron Taylor-Johnson meets Sam Claflin vibes, and obviously is no stranger to the gym. 

Deliver Us is about a nun who becomes pregnant with twins, one of whom is rumored to be the second coming and the other the devil. Same girl. The church wants to off this nun before she gives birth, and Lee Roy Kunz’s character (a priest, yes Gawd) steps in to protect her.

So what about the cock? In a scene that no one saw coming, Lee saunters into frame with his lovely daddy cock fluffed and ready to go. He shares a passionate moment in the shower with Maria Vera Ratti (playing the pregnant nun), one that puts Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell to shame. 

Lee Roy Kunz didn’t have to go this hard for a low-budget horror movie, but we’re sure glad that he did. Praise be.

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