The HBO workplace series Industry takes place at a cutthroat investment bank following the 2008 financial crash. It’s one of our favorite series for British penis, gay sex, and cum eating (yeah, we’ll get to that in a minute) and now that season two is over, it’s time for a season one and two wrap up!

Season 2:

Nicholas Bishop kicked off season two with this amazing sex scene in the very first episode!

And things got more than just a little gay in season two when Dominic Holmes rode David Jonsson’s hard cock – the same cock we saw in season one. It’s an awesome gay sex scene that you just need to see to believe.

Cutie Sonny Poon Tip showed his ass in the great outdoors in episode three.

And in episode four he swapped spit with David Jonsson during a gay scene! But wait there’s more, seriously, there is even more nudity…trust us.

Season 1

In the very first episode, young buck Harry Lawtey confidently struts in front of the mirror fully naked, with his hairy uncut penis swinging all over the place. It’s the show’s most iconic scene to date.

Jonathan Barnwell dove into the cock market in episode two with his truly massive penis swinging between his thighs in the kitchen.

Things got a little crazy in episode five of Industry. Business daddy Harry Lawtey is working so hard that he works up a load while masturbating over a toilet.

And he finally got a taste of his own medicine in episode six, eating his cum in front of a chick. Yup, Harry jerks off on a mirror, wipes up his semen, and eats it. Snack break!

David Jonsson teased his big hard cock while taking a dick pic in episode seven.