We’ve heard of gay-4-pay, but is gay-4-charity the new selfless way hot straight guys can get us off and help those less fortunate?

Well, it’s about time the straight guys did something that benefitted people other than themselves.

While raising money for the victims of Australian floods on Australia Unites: Red Cross Flood Appeal TV host Grant Denyer and sports reporter Ben Fordham locked lips and raised a ton of money.

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In fact, it was an unnamed caller who offered the pair $50k up front if the pair “pashed” [out].

And as you can see, they rose to the challenge.

Just imagine how much they could’ve raised if it was after the watershed. (Although, as we know despite being desperately in need for money, many charities don’t accept donations raised via adult content).

However, one of the female hosts questioned whether even just a gay kiss was appearing “too early” in the day? What you mean like those heterosexual throat thrashings we’ve endured on every single TV program in history? Get a grip, Jessica.

Although apparently some of the left-wingers weren’t happy about it…

I’d say the only time gay-baiting is OK, is when it’s not rooted in self-profiting. It’s also most definitely not the same thing as blackface.

However, the more glaring criticism was that Australia as a modern, developed country should not need the fundraising show to begin with, because they all pay their fair share of taxes and the government have done the bare minimum itself to actually help those in need.

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