The Old Gays have become a part of gay internet culture with their adorable videos trying to understand modern gay lingo. And it seems that they haven’t gone unnoticed to Rihanna either!

The gang posed in bright red harnesses for Valentine’s Day (which can also be reused again at Christmas), for the former-songstresses’ (yes, we’re saying ‘former’ until we get that mf album) fashion line Savage x Fenty.

Because you don’t stop being sexy after a certain age! (If only someone had told the writer’s of And Just Like That).

In typical Old Gays fashion, they lounged by the pool to show off their gifted garms, along with posting a series of video clips wearing a variety of the designs.

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Robert Reeves, Jesse L. Martin, Mick Peterson, and Bill Lyons since 2018, sharing their own stories of growing up gay, reacting to moments of pop culture and offering advice to the younger generation. If only they were a little more raucous they could be the gay Golden Girls.