If you haven’t watched Rihanna‘s third runway production for Savage x Fenty (it’s on Amazon Prime), then, um, why not? Rihanna’s fashion shows go beyond fashion by combining choreography, production and a list of famous supporters longer than Kim Kardashian’s valentine gift-list.

One thing we missed the first time around (it’s such a visual feast that needs consuming more than just once) was Aussie singer Troye Sivan’s bulge.

Troye walks on around the 3-minute mark, but you should really just watch it all, because it’s way more than just bodies in underwear, and you’ll see a ton of familiar faces just in this short clip; Drag Race’s Symone, legendary model Joan Smalls and Gigi Hadid.

And Troye was far from the only guy causing our jaw to drop. Actor Jeremy Pope styled his Savage x Fenty boxers like a bouije roadman, accessorised with chains and piercing brown eyes.

Skateboarder Nyjah Huston kept his look simple with neon purple shorts and a fully-inked body.