With a cute smile and a gorgeous head of red hair, Russell White is the perfect Northern Irish lad. White’s been leading the charge on the world’s sporting stage competing in both the Commonwealth Games and Olympics as a triathlete.

It’s a reputation that’s really put White’s name and bulge out into the public though, in 2021 White was made the brand ambassador for Ron Dorff, which is where we start to see that he’s hiding more than just physical prowess up his sleeve – or down his pants.

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Now represented by MiLK management, he must know that he’s working with a chiseled jaw you could rack up with, abs that Ancient Greece would envy, and the tight toosh or a… well, triathlete.

Thankfully, he doesn’t even limit himself to just modelling clothes, it seems White is confident enough to strip down for the camera and tease us with these nude shots.

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