This week’s Man Candy catch-up is with adult content creator The Gay Gaston.

So, firstly, why Gaston? He’s wrecked with toxic masculinity…

“Ha! He’s the worst,” Gaston laughs, “But was sort of my sexual awakening. When i was about 5 years old I remember seeing him rip open his shirt and show off his hairy chest and… well, I wanted to watch it again.”

“I kind of became fascinated with body hair, especially in the locker room after gym class. I grew up eventually to have a hairy chest of my own—maybe slight likeliness to Gaston… almost every inch of me’s covered in hair. Oh, and I do love the Disney Villains.”

Describing himself as a ‘DisNerd’ (Disney Nerd), it’s clearly had an influence on his work, having dressed up as Prince Eric, Aladdin, Tron, a gender-bending Jessica Rabbit, and Tweedle-Top and Tweedle-Bottom with his ex.

He tells us that his journey to online exhibitionism began on Patreon where he would post behind-the-scenes videos of shoots and images that Instagram typically wouldn’t allow. But ultimately, even Patreon has its limits (as C&C also found out!) and hence he was led to platforms that do allow explicit content.

“Initially, it was just solo videos since I was quarantined, but I accumulated an arse-nal of sex toys to play with and posted a bunch of videos with them. I’m primarily a top, but was trying to learn to be more vers.”

Now that quarantine is over, Gaston is collaborating with guys on his page.

“I tend not to meet up with guys I don’t know to film something,” he tells us, “It’s a bit less sexy for me when it’s that; most of the videos I have are with people I’ve met before.

But that’s not always the case. “There have been guys that I’ve just always wanted to get naked with from seeing their videos etc.,” he continues, “and then we happened to be near each other and made it happen. I do also have certain things that turn me on a lot… like being edged, or a massage turning naughty, a handsy photographer, etc. so I have met up with people who do those things.”

What’s his ideal guy?

“Hairy. Why is that the first thing that came to my mind?” he laughs. “It’s not a necessity, but certainly a plus. I have been with guys who like to trim/wax etc and then don’t because of my preference. It turns me on more though when a person doesn’t try to please me, I’d rather they just be themself.”

Adding that his ultimate guy is a confident, fellow Disney fan, who likes dogs and is someone he can “goof around” with.

Gaston goes on to explain that he tries to “make an account [I’d] want to subscribe to”, based on four criteria: posting frequency, content variety, no ads for other model’s pages, and no extra paid content. And that’s not the only way he’s differentiating from other accounts.

“I took a video the other day in the bath. My balls were really loose and it was just fun playing with them. I posted the video, not realizing that the soundtrack to Enchanted was playing in the background. Hot, right? So if you’re into that— have I got the page for you!”

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